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Jaques of All Trades offers comprehensive handyman services, from electrical and plumbing installations to window replacements and facility maintenance, backed by years of expertise since 2008.

  • Diverse Household Services: Including drywall repair, furniture assembly, and deck repairs.
  • Window Expertise: Installation, replacement, and glazing.
  • Facilities Maintenance: Offering a range of services from drywall to graffiti cleanup.
  • Electrical Proficiency: From fixture replacements to troubleshooting and service changes.

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Handyman Services

A comprehensive range of general handyman services, from electrical installations to deck repairs, ensuring every home need is met.
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Electrical Services

Specializing in electrical services, from fixture replacements and switch installations to troubleshooting and comprehensive service changes.
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Drywall Repair Services

Delivering expert drywall repair services, seamlessly restoring and rejuvenating your walls to their original splendor.
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Furniture Assembly Services

Providing efficient furniture assembly services, transforming flat-packed pieces into sturdy, ready-to-use furnishings with precision and care.
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Glass Contracting Services

Exceling in glass contracting, offering meticulous installation, replacement, and glazing solutions for a pristine finish.
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Facility Maintenance Services

A trusted name in facility maintenance since 2008, delivering a wide range of services from drywall repairs to graffiti cleanup with unparalleled expertise.
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Moving Services

Ensuring smooth transitions with our professional moving services, handling your belongings with utmost care and precision.
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Finish Carpentry Services

Masters in the art of finish carpentry, crafting intricate details and polished woodwork to elevate any space.
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